Special time for you

Today people don´t need wedding so much like before. But there are lots of people, who would like to life like husband and wife, because when they have children, it is really easier than if they are only in poor relationship. You love your girlfriend and you feel that it is important for you; you would like to have her like your wife? We can help you, because we have lots of marriage proposal ideas. There are few packages that can be perfect for you, but there is also possibility to make your own individual package that can be like your dream. Don´t wait long time and contact us, because you will definitely not bemoan. We will assure everything that you want – place, decoration, food and drink and sure also photographer.

Great place

Try think also about colors, because it is really important – we wouldn´t like destroy your nice evening with color that you don´t like. We can prepare candles, special aroma bath, massages or we can assure observatory for you. There are any borders for your fantasy. Don´t be afraid of price, because we will do maximum for you and we will give you good price.